Mindfulness for Academic Success

Program Information

A 6-week group (on Zoom) to help students manage academic stress and improve their academic focus.

The Mindfulness for Academic Success (MAS) program uses mindfulness practices to:

  1. Manage academic stress
  2. Improve focus and manage distractions
  3. Effectively get started and stay on track with academic tasks
  4. Develop a positive and productive mindset for learning
  5. Facilitate communication and connection among students

No prior mindfulness experience is necessary to participate.

MAS is adapted from a similar program at Monash University.

Session Dates

Next session date to be announced.


Hear from Past Participants

"Every single part of it was useful, I am really surprised how my perspective towards mindfulness has changed. I became more self-reflective, self-aware, and acquired more emotional control through practising all the exercises."

"Learning how to be more mindful and being more present, it has helped me multiple times focus on my work and it has made me more self-aware of my thoughts and how to be more compassionate to myself which was definitely needed."

"Meeting as a group kept me accountable. I've known about mindfulness for a long time but I never felt inspired enough to do the practice on my own. This program helped me transition regular mindfulness into my life."

"One of the most useful aspects of the program was the learning community. It was really helpful to learn from and alongside other students. Hearing their stories was inspiring and greatly supported my learning. It helped me feel that I am not alone and the MAS program did a fantastic job facilitating communication between participants. The program provided a safe space for discussion and community was an important aspect that was missing in my student experience as a Graduate student at Western."