Medical Students

Join us at Schulich Study Hall!
December 14, 2023 from 12-1 pm 
Join us in person (location TBD) or virtually using this link

Schulich Study Hall is a space for medical students to come and study communally, get study tips from a learning specialist and listen to talks about topics of your choice! 


How to...

Learn in a flipped classroom
Learn large amounts of information
Study anatomy
Interpret academic articles 
Read around cases in clerkship
Prepare for oral exams


Research on learning skills for medical students:  

The benefits of retrieval with medical residents

Study habits of highly effective medical students

Reflection as a learning strategy


Study Skills Presentation

Check out this online presentation on practical study strategies to help you learn more effectively and enhance your long-term retention of knowledge.

Contents of the video:

  • Introduction & Common Challenges (0-2:36)
  • Effective & Efficient Learning Strategies (2:36-17:50)
  • Online & Remote Learning Considerations (17:50-24:30)
  • Additional Resources & Next Steps (24:30-26:53)